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The APS office safe seriesa re idealf or retailo utlets,o ffices,f actoriesa nd other institutiont hat hold large
amounto f casha nd valuablesW. hichr equiresh ighd egreeo f protectionsl.t s formidableb arrierm aterialsa nd
superiorp roductq ualityp rovidee xcellentp rotectiona gainstf ire,a nd attacksu singe xyacetyleneto rch,h igh
speedd rillinga nd handt ools.
Body : Designed with an overall thickness of 64mm and built with high density proofing material encased in steel to resist various attacks.
Door : Stainlesss teel door panel adds form to functionalityto getherw ith solid heavyd uty hingest o
resist attacks from the outside. The handle controls the one way movable bolts that keeps the
door firmly shut and locked. Behindt he hinges,a 75mm thick verticali nterlockingr ebatei s
integratedto withstandp ryinga ttack.
In addition, the inside of the door is fufther armoured with high density proofing material while
securing the lockcase embedded in the door structure.
Locking : Standard locking system with three wheel combination lock, capable of providing 1,000,000
combinationsp lus seven lever keylocks.i nterlockingr ebatee ncrustedw ith 75mm thick high
densityD eadlockd evices ystem is incorporatedto jam on the boltworkm echanismi f forcible
attacks are made on the door and locks

External Internal +/- kg +/- Ibs
S1 KL & KCL 660 x 570 x 580 488 x 398 x 375 451 992
S2 KL & KCL 880 x 618 x 660 706 x 445 x 457 608 1338
S3 KL & KCL 1085 x 695 x 735 911 x 521 x 532 80 1760
S4 KL & KCL 1230 x 695 x 735 1056 x 521 x 532 1105 2431
S5 KL & KCL 1550 x 695 x 735 1376 x 521 x 532 1260 2772


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